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The $100,000 FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship Is Here!

While I know many of you have been growing accustomed to the $5000 MVP and the $4000 Home Run contests, I’m sure in the back of your mind you kept wondering “When exactly is there going to be some ridiculously huge tournament going on?”

Well, the answer is right now.

The $100,000 FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship begins this Friday, May 13th. And one person is going to have a very lucky Friday the 13th. But let’s get to how the tournament works.

Every Friday from May 13th to September 2nd, FanDuel will have a DFBC qualifier. There’s $2000 up for grabs each week, but the key prize is for each week’s winner – a seat in the 20-person Sept. 9th final with nearly $70,000 on the line. All 20 finalists will win money, with the overall champion claiming a whopping $25,000.

Now, you may be saying May 13th to September 2nd? That’s only 17 Fridays (actually, you didn’t say that, but I’ll help you out anyway). The extra three spots in the final will come from two awesome challenges we’re doing. The Tournament Kings Challenge – where you have to kick butt in the featured MLB contests. And the Ironman Challenge – where you have to play FanDuel nearly everyday for the next three months (come on you wuss, you know you can do it).

So, not much else to say except that it’s time to get playing. Click here to enter your team and with any luck (or more likely skill), you could soon be the Daily Fantasy Baseball Champion.

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An interview with the winner of FanDuel’s $25,000 MLB Grand Slam

Nothing like a little FanDuel

As many of you know by now, user thruthewickets won FanDuel’s $25,000 MLB Grand Slam. In fact, he did more than just win it, he came in first and second.

So who is thruthewickets? His name is Brian and he’s from Buffalo, NY and he joined FanDuel the day before the Grand Slam. The Grand Slam was the first contest he ever played on FanDuel. Let’s let Brian tell us what it was like to become the definition of an instant winner.

How does it feel to have won not just first place, but second place too in FanDuel’s $25,000 MLB Grand Slam?

What an unbelievable day. I didn’t even check the scores until about 8pm, when I noticed I had a few entries near the top of the leaderboard. I then watched the Seattle game closely, having selected Felix Hernandez. He came through with a big game and I was pretty stunned to finish 1st & 2nd. It still really hasn’t sunk in.
Who was your most important player?

Without a doubt it was J.P. Arencibia. He put up a great score with a low price tag. (Arencibia – who only cost $2,200 – put up 17.75 points)

Is this the first time you have played one-day fantasy?

Yes! Some major beginner’s luck…but I can’t ever see going back to season long leagues after this experience. It’s so exciting competing every day.

Have you ever won anything like this before?

Not unless you consider winning concert tickets from a radio station to be something like this.

How did you find out about FanDuel?

My friend John (who plays as Buffalo66 on FanDuel) suggested I give daily fantasy sports a try. He recommended FanDuel because of the large field contests you offer regularly.

What will you do with your winnings?

Well, I’m trying to decide between 20,000 chicken wings with extra bleu cheese, or a camel. If there’s anything left over, I might play some more FanDuel contests.

To play more MLB games on FanDuel, click here.

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The $25,000 FanDuel Fantasy Baseball One-Day Grand Slam is here. BOOM.

So I’m sure a few of you have noticed that there’s a new game up in the banner. It says “MLB Grand Slam.” Oh yes, my friends, is it ever a grand slam.

The $25,000 FanDuel Fantasy Baseball One-Day Grand Slam takes place on April 1st, the first full day of MLB games (yes, we know the season starts March 31st, but there aren’t a ton of games that day, and we want you to have all players at your disposal for this contest). This contest is the largest one-day fantasy prize pool EVER. So not only can you win a ton of money, you get to compete in something that’s historic.

The prizes structure is pretty ridiculous as well. $5000 for 1st, $2500 for second, $1700 for 3rd, and on and on. There are prizes all the way down to 150th place. Yes, 150th place. Seriously.

So who’s excited about MLB starting? Man, I know we are and you should be too. Get your picks in for the MLB Grand Slam now!

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Win some gold, frankinsense and myrrh this weekend from NFL contests. But mostly gold.

All right everyone. By now you’ve opened up all your presents, have eaten half your body weight, and have probably watched at least two NBA games. Aside from avoiding your family to play Black Ops, what else is there to do? Make boatloads of Christmas cash, son.

Yep, FanDuel has $13,500 in prizes up for grabs this weekend in Sunday NFL contests. Did I say $13,500? Dang, I did. That’s a hell of a lot of money.

First up is the uncapped $5000 NFL Blitz league, only $10 to join. Next is the $6000 NFL Bomb league, which has a cap of 264 entrants and is $25 to join, so hurry up and get on that. Last is the always awesome $2500 NFL Elite league, which is $50 to join and has a cap of 55 entrants.

So hop to it, and gain some extra income for the old post-Christmas shopping spree.

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Get in on the $2500 Wednesday NBA Slam Contest

If you’re like me, you’ve probably done no Christmas shopping. Nothing wrong with that though. In fact, it’s good you haven’t done your shopping yet. That’s because today you can win some serious money playing in the $2500 Wednesday NBA Slam contest on FanDuel. Only $10 to enter. Cash prizes start at $600 for 1st place and go all the way down to 18th place.

Obviously, I advise you to use the extra scratch you make from the contest on Christmas gifts for friends and family. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas? Well then buy a gold chain that says “Fantasy Master.”

So get playing now, my friends. After all, playing fantasy beats doing sucktastic holiday chores.

(Yes, I know Brandon Jennings is injured, but you have to love a guy with “Young Money” tattooed on his back)

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Two more big leagues this weekend: $2000 Elite NFL League, $1000 NHL Shootout

All right everyone, we have two more big time leagues this weekend at FanDuel. First is the high-roller $2000 NFL Elite League. $100 entry, but it’s a capped league, so only 22 people can play in it. That significantly increases your chance of taking home one of the 3 top prizes. $1000 for first, $600 for second, $400 for third. This league needs at least 18 people playing in it to go live though, so tell your friends.

Next up we have the $1000 Saturday NHL Shootout. This league is only $10 to join, and there are prizes all the way down to 9th place. This league is also capped at 115 entries, so tell your friends that they better hurry to get a seat.

There is a ton of prize money out there this weekend, so good luck to everyone this weekend.

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Plenty of Big Time NFL Leagues This Weekend

Didn’t win a spot in the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship? Didn’t win a trip to Vegas and $25,000? Well, no problem. Even though there’s no trip to Vegas up to win this weekend, there is plenty of money.

This weekend FanDuel has not one, but two NFL leagues going on. The first is the $4,000 NFL Blitz. The game only covers Sunday’s games, so it’s one day and you’re done. And here’s the good news. You get a money payout out to 40th place. Entry fee is just $10.

But let’s say you want a bigger challenge, and greater prizes. Then join the $2,500 NFL Elite game. Again, this game only covers Sunday’s games, but since it only pays out to 4th place, your winnings are much greater. Like $1000 for first place. I could totally use that kind of money, to say the least. Entry fee is $50, which means you better bring your A-game. But if you do, you’ll be rewarded.

So get your picks in by Sunday at 1pm EST and pretty soon you’ll have some extra scratch to go out and buy some Christmas gifts.

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Get ready for the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship this Sunday

Greetings everyone. As many of you know, this weekend in Las Vegas the ten finalists who won a week of the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship face off for $40,000 in prize money.

It’s going to be quite an event, taking place at Lagasse’s Stadium at the Palazzo in Las Vegas. The final will be happening all day Sunday. It involves the finalists selecting players from only the Sunday morning and afternoon games, then we’ll watch to see what happens.

But we’ll have round the clock coverage all weekend even before the games start. We’ll be interviewing the finalists in person starting Friday. We’ll be asking about how they’re preparing, who they’re thinking about selecting, along with plenty of other questions (like how was the Spearmint Rhino last night?).

We’ll provide constant updates about the final on the blog. We’ll also be on Twitter (@fanduel) and Facebook, with the hash-tag being #fffc for the weekend.

So if you didn’t win a trip to Vegas, no worries. You can still follow the final closely all weekend. And remember, we’ll be doing the FFFC again next year.

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NHL Writers League Week 5: Hockey Joe is a Repeat Offender

Week 5 of the contest is over, and once again, we have a repeat offender. I mean winner. Yes, Joe Yerdon of Pro Hockey Talk on has won for a second time, beating Cam Davie, Editor of Canucks Army, by a little more than a point. Man that’s close.

This means Joe has won another $50, bringing his contest total up to $100. Not too shabby.

Kevin Schultz, Editor of Barry Melrose Rocks and writer for AOL’s NHL Fanhouse, still holds the highest single score in the contest of 50.2 points, which has him on pace to snatch an extra $250 if that score holds up. And there are only two weeks left to go in the contest.

Here’s how everyone who participated this week did.

1. Joe Yerdon (JYerdon) – Editor of Pro Hockey Talk on – 44.4
2. Cam Davie (camdavie) – Editor of Canucks Army – 43.2
3. Michael Remis (illegalcurve) – Producer, Webmaster, Twitterer & Tech Wizard for Illegal Curve – 43
4. Mike Chen (bswb97) – Editor of From The Rink – 35
5. Kevin Schultz (Schultz80) – Editor of Barry Melrose Rocks and writer for AOL’s NHL Fanhouse – 32.8
6. PPP (PensionPlanPuppets) – Editor of Pension Plan Puppets – 31
7. Gary Wilson (landsharkhockey) – Editor of Landshark Hockey – 29
8. Andrew Bucholtz (andrew_bucholtz) – Editor of Yahoo’s CFL blog 55-yard Line, Editor of Sporting Madness and Canuck Puck – 27.6
9. Sean Leahy (sleahy21) – Associate editor of Yahoo’s NHL blog Puck Daddy – 14.8

If you want to start playing NHL fantasy, then head right here and get started.

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NHL Writers League Week 4: The Return of the Mullet

Long live the mullet! With last week’s winner Joe Yerdon accidentally taking the weekend off (we forgive you, Joe) Kevin Schultz Kevin Schultz of Barry Melrose Rocks decided to dominate Week 4 of the NHL Writers League with a commanding win. Remember, Kevin won Week 1 of the Writers League as well, so he’s now sitting on $100. Oh, and he still has the contest high score of 50.2 points. Which would make him ANOTHER $250.

The mullet of Barry Melrose is clearly Kevin’s strength. Either someone better shave Melrose’s head soon or Kevin will walk away with enough money to buy the Phoenix Coyotes. Bring your A-game everyone else for the last three weeks of the contest.

Here’s how everyone did that played in Week 3.

1. Kevin Schultz (Schultz80) – Editor of Barry Melrose Rocks and writer for AOL’s NHL Fanhouse – 50
2. Andrew Bucholtz (andrew_bucholtz) – Editor of Yahoo’s CFL blog 55-yard Line, Editor of Sporting Madness and Canuck Puck – 42.4
3. Gary Wilson (landsharkhockey) – Editor of Landshark Hockey – 42
4. Michael Remis (illegalcurve) – Producer, Webmaster, Twitterer & Tech Wizard for Illegal Curve – 29.2
5. Mike Chen (bswb97) – Editor of From The Rink – 38.8
6. Sean Leahy (sleahy21) – Associate editor of Yahoo’s NHL blog Puck Daddy – 34.8
7. Julie Veilleux (metricjulie) – Editor of – 33.2
8. Cam Davie (camdavie) – Editor of Canucks Army – 31.1

If you want to start playing NHL fantasy, then head right here and get started.

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